Friday, 18 February 2022

Storm Dudley was a dud. Was Storm Eunice nice?


They were forecasting 63mph gusts this hour. No big deal yet

Isn't it great to be free from dog-walkers?

The First Law of Photography: Never point your camera into the sun!
 You might see some interesting contrasts

The one and only arboreal casualty of Dud and Nice

Choppy waters: will some of the ducks get ducked?

For the white goose, there's nothing to see here: move on!

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Neil said...

Update the next day: There's one more tree down now. It seems to have fallen into the water, not away from it! And another tree is partly down on the white goose's island. Someone has been really quick to cut up the fallen tree and clear the path. Maybe the local council has got their act in gear for once.