Thursday, 20 May 2021

Rotterdam Photos

A friend put some photos of his visit to Rotterdam on his blog. They were rather drab, because the weather was bad the day they were taken. I lived in Rotterdam for three years, from late 1977 to late 1980. I still have a soft spot for the place and the people.

On my last visit there, in November 2019, I took these photos in central Rotterdam. 

When I lived in Rotterdam, this place was called the "Jungle Bar." I lunched there many times. The food and beer were very fattening!

The front door of the office I worked in, and the entrance and exit we actually used! Strange that door is still there after more than 40 years of re-development.

The Stadhuis (town hall) - the only building in central Rotterdam the nazis didn't blow up in May 1940.

This was my local pub when I first went to Rotterdam. It was called "De Schieland" back then.

And this is how I got from Schiphol airport, where I was staying, to Rotterdam and back. Comfortable, but expensive - there's a new direct line (only 25 minutes), but you have to pay a supplement to travel on it.

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