Saturday, 13 February 2021

The Snow White Goose

Back in May, I published some photos of a white goose that inhabits my local lake. And an aggressive one, too. I've been back there a few times during the recent cold snap, and here are some more photos, of her, her lake-mates and scenes in the vicinity.

Me? Aggressive? Never!

If he stays down there too long, that will be his swan-song

This was how the weather was...

...but it looked much better than it was.

"Children won't know what snow is!" (Dr David Viner, 2000).
And this was just a dusting, compared what they had with a few miles east

But swans, geese and a coot all know what ice is

So does the white goose

I'm the anserine Messiah! I can walk on water!

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Opher Goodwin said...

That looks pretty cold!!! Roll on Summer!!