Monday, 6 July 2020

Mr Lock's lockdown locks: and what happened to them

I'll let the pictures tell this story.

Mr Lock's lockdown locks

Amico, era peloso. Ma non pericoloso!
(Translated from the Italian: My friend, that was hairy. But not so dangerous...)

Doctor and patient enjoy reminiscences together

"The Cricketers" may be open, but where are the cricketers?

The decision to allow Premier League footballers to play, while ordinary cricketers were still denied their (far better socially distanced) game, may well come back to haunt Johnson.



Opher Goodwin said...

Gosh - the guy looked better before!!
No - I think you are right Neil. I can't understand why cricket isn't going. A bit of hand sanitizer in the pocket for when you touch the ball. I can't think of much more of a socially distanced sport - and outside too. Just crazy!! But entirely in line with most of the government's actions. I don't think they've got much right yet!

Neil said...

Well Opher, as a former swing bowler I wouldn't even want to think about using hand sanitizer on a cricket ball! The ball swings most effectively when one side is roughened, and the other polished. You have to be able to grip it without slipping, too.

You're right, it's all crazy. But other contenders for power (if there were any) wouldn't be any better. Incompetence, and contempt and disregard for ordinary people, are built into the current political system.