Monday, 14 June 2021

Young Things Growing

More recent photos from my local lake. Anyone who thinks wildlife is suffering because of human activities needs to look at the evidence.

The White Goose (Grandma) leads the flotilla back towards home

Mother (off stage left): How did your game of cricket go?
Captain: We all scored ducks

My favo(u)rite proof-reading spot

It ain't easy swimming green

Coming up for air... oh dear, now I have to keep the aspidistra flying

Not goslings, but guzzlings

Lizard to bird: Why are you standing on one leg?
(I couldn't decipher the bird's response, but it wasn't kind)

Come on, you silly boy. Take some photos of us land animals, too!


Opher Goodwin said...

Good to see Neil.
You can tell you're not a biologist though. Nature is suffering terribly. Not the domesticated ones though - geese, ducks etc. Or the ones who live off us - crows, pigeons, squirrels etc - It's the stuff you don't see - the voles, shrews, slowworms, snakes etc. (and insects)

Neil said...

Well, we certainly have voles around the lake too. They come up from where they live under the bank, and skulk furtively around the edge, under the bushes.

BTW, I saw a pair of swifts a few days ago, flying straight and at speed across the lake. I think they were swifts, because the tails were forked, but the forks weren't far enough apart for them to be swallows. I'm told they like places like this, because it's where they can find insects to feed on.