Saturday, 6 June 2020

The Barber of Owosso: Follow-up

In an obviously biased and political verdict, a "Court of Appeals" in the state of Michigan, USA, last week overturned the refusal of a local judge to order the closure of Karl Manke's barber shop in Owosso because of COVID restrictions. They ordered that judge to reverse his decision and order the closure of the shop. Which he did.

Now, the "Michigan Supreme Court," the highest court in the state of Michigan, has in its turn overturned the order to overturn. See: And it seems the judge this time made some quite strong criticisms of the court of appeals.

I've noticed that many of my American friends, over the last few months (starting well before COVID), have been becoming increasingly angry about things that elements within their ruling classes and governments, at various levels, have been doing and trying to do to them. I applaud Karl Manke (although I disagree with some of his more conservative ideas) for putting himself forward as a martyr for the cause of freedom. He's 77: so he probably doesn't feel he has much to lose.

I suspect the USA may be about to experience another "Rosa Parks moment."

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