Thursday, 7 May 2020

Still locked down...

...pretty damn boring, to be honest. But at least the weather was good, so the camera took a walk around the district.

This pub closed before the epidemic, to be fair... but it's unlikely it will ever open again.

The parks are open. Just as well, as this park is for many people a short cut to the supermarkets

How many people who worked in these shops have lost their livelihoods? For good? And yet, the "bonking boffin" Ferguson, that caused all this, still has a job and a pension

The "queue ceremony" at Waitrose's

Narrow boats at the terminus of the navigable River Wey

Last year, this tree's seeds were six inches deep! Isn't global warming great?

You schoot ze lockdown violator on ze right, Klaus, I schoot ze vun on ze left

There will be beef for dinner... eventually

Flowers enjoy global warming, too

That white goose is actually a tax bureaucrat, trying to steal the food the Canada goose earned


Thomas J. Darby said...

beware the white goose!

Neil said...

No, the white goose is the one who must beware... Christmas is coming in less than 8 months, and he's the one that's "obese!"