Saturday, 23 June 2018

The Green Religion

I was having a blog discussion with a Christian conservative on the subject of environmentalism. While I am neither a Christian nor a conservative, on this particular subject my views have much in common with theirs. So, I was moved by the discussion to construct the following small tidbit.

The Green Religion

1) God: Gaia

a) Her representatives on Earth: green activists

b) Her son: the United Nations

c) Her cardinals: green politicians

d) Her bishops: “scientists” that support the green agenda

e) Her apostles: the mainstream media

f) Her dogma: do as I say, not as I do

g) Her faithful: collectivists, those that profit from the religion, the idiot believers

2) The devil: Enlightenment (a.k.a. “Lucifer”)

a) His representatives on Earth: Every human being who doesn’t buy the green agenda without objective proof. Including individualists, libertarians, real scientists, many conservatives, and objective thinkers of all political and religious stripes

b) His three sons: Truth, Ethics and Justice

c) His cardinals, bishops and priests: He has no permanent positions available

d) His dogma: You have your religion, and I’ll have mine

e) His apostles: All of us “heretics” who dispute the conventional wisdom when we think it’s wrong

f) His faithful: Every human being worth the name

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