Saturday, 28 November 2015

Who Wants War?

(Recent events in Syria have made this one from the archives - March 20th, 2006 was its date - topical.)

If it was put to a referendum of all the world's adult people, should war be outlawed or not, how many would favour war?

I suspect that most people, if they really thought about it, would want to ban war. It's such a drain – on lives, on resources, on freedom, on prosperity, on happiness. So why should we tolerate it?

Come to that, why should we tolerate those that want to subject others to war? Or those that voluntarily take part in an aggressive war? Isn't here something badly wrong with those that have a liking for war?

Now, I'm not saying we should all be reckless pacifists. Of course we human beings need military defence – as the world is now. As long as warmongers like George W. Bush exist, we need to be able to defend ourselves against them.

Bush and co claim to want to bring democracy to the world. So surely they wouldn't object to us human beings having a say, for a change? Surely they would support a world-wide referendum on outlawing war? And on what sanctions we should use against the mass murderers that order wars, and the violent vermin that do their dirty work?

I'm dreaming, of course.

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