Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The Transition Period

(Neil's Note: This is a brief extract from "Honest Common Sense," discussing some of the steps we will need to make during the transition from current failed political societies into a better world.)

There will need to be a transition period, to get us from today’s shambles into the Age of the Individual and of Civilization. We’ll need to get a lot done quickly.

One important part of the transition will be re-claiming, agreeing and codifying the law. This may not be so easy, because every greybeard in the world will want his two cents’ worth.

A second will be, very quickly, repealing all bad legislation everywhere. Only laws consistent with the law will remain.

A third will be dismantling nation states, demolishing their machinery of power, taxation, bureaucracy, persecution, propaganda and surveillance, and sacking and cancelling the pensions of all those that were part of that machinery. The EU and the UN will go, too.

A fourth aspect of the transition period will be ending the age of conflict, and getting rid of all need for military defence. This may be a little easier; for the way to get rid of wars is to get rid of warmongers. And, in the new era, the dinosaur warmongers will be objects of hatred and contempt.

A fifth will be unwinding the economic and financial mess that the statists and their states have created. And holding those responsible for that mess accountable, as individuals, for their share of putting it right. Those that carried out, or benefited from, the state’s criminal activities will learn how it feels when the boot’s on the other foot.

A sixth will be a large scale scheme of common sense justice against the statists and their cronies. Such justice will be far more exacting than mere revenge. And it won’t take prisoners. (Unless prison is an appropriate punishment for particular individuals). Indeed, it will be so uncompromising that it will serve as a beacon to future ages, to dissuade those born human from ever even thinking about trying to resurrect the state and its politics.

The biggest job, however, won’t be punishing the guilty. It will be compensating the victims of politics. This will include repayment to all those whose lives were damaged by taxation, and compensation to those whose lives or careers were blighted by wars, or repression, or bad policies and legislation.

Company bosses that went to political governments for advantages, too, will be required to compensate those whose lives or careers were damaged as a result. Unless they can show that they were victims of blackmail by officials or others. In which case, the burden of compensation will pass to the blackmailers.

All this won’t be easy. But I think that, given the will, it can be done. And in just a very few years, too.

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