Friday, 7 November 2014

Government versus the state

Many people seem to think that government and the political state are the same thing. But they’re not. In fact, they’re all but opposites.

A true government would be a “justice provider.” By this I mean an institution or network of institutions, which honestly delivers common sense justice to all.

Such a justice provider would, if it existed, be well worth paying for. For it would uphold the public good; that is, as John Locke identified, the good of every individual among the governed, real criminals excepted. It would be uncompromisingly for the benefit of all individual, civil human beings who subscribe to it. It would uphold objective justice, peace and human rights. It would resolve disputes justly. It would discourage uncivil conduct. And it would impose no limits – beyond justice, the law and respect for rights – on human freedom, prosperity or progress. Furthermore, it would claim no rights other than those which its subscribers explicitly delegated to it. Otherwise put: Government should be an umpire, and no more.

In contrast, today’s political governments – I call them “gunvermints” – impose the rule of states and their political classes on those in the geographical areas they control. And I’d say: Government is an umpire, but the state is a vampire.

States are corrupt, unjust, anti-individual and a drain on civil people. They make aggressive wars, and carry out acts of terrorism. They implement harmful agendas. Far from delivering “law and order,” they impose legislation, most of which is bad, and they order people around. They harass people, and violate human rights and dignity, while offering lame excuses like “health and safety” and “national security.” They claim rights for state functionaries to violate the law. They inflate their currencies. And they take away huge chunks of our earnings, and re-distribute the proceeds to their cronies and supporters.

It’s important to recognize that any “government” which is not for the public good, that is, which acts otherwise than for the good of every civil individual among the governed, cannot be a legitimate government. If you’re a civil human being, and a “government” isn’t a nett benefit to you, then it isn’t a government. It’s a criminal gang.

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