Monday, 9 September 2013

A Decision

It’s fair to say that my book hasn’t so far sold as many copies as I would like. Plenty of interest, but as to people actually putting their money where their interest is...

So I have come to a decision on a different way to show off the book.

What I am going to do is re-publish my book on this blog, chapter by chapter. I will aim to put up one chapter each week. Since there are 52 chapters, the process will take almost exactly one year.

So, those who like the book, but can’t afford to buy it, will have a whole year of fun waiting for the next weekly instalment.

In the meantime, those who like the first part of the book enough to want to read it all without waiting a year, can still buy the book through the normal channels.

Chapter 1 is going up today, in place of the previous samples.

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